“Heal the Artists, Save the World”


Kelly Brogan, MD, writes: “Maybe your depression, chronic fatigue, ADHD, and chemical sensitivity are just ways that your body, mind, and soul, are saying no. No, the demands of this world, the day to day experience of this food, these chemicals, this disconnection is not working. The thing is that the no is almost a reminder that there is another way. It’s an invitation back to yourself, and your caged artist.”

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  1. “Heal the artists, save the world,” this is pretty much the opposite of today’s mainstream psychiatric industries’ perspective, at least according to my experience. Prior to seeing my portfolio, psychiatrists claimed me to be “w/o work, content, and talent,” declared my name to be “irrelevant to reality,” and claimed me to be “unemployed.” (Mind you at the time, I was also a full time mother who co-chaired a school art program overseeing 250+ volunteers, plus headed up numerous other volunteer activities.).

    After seeing my portfolio, my psychiatrist claimed my “work” was that of a “smart female,” and he conceded that I was “insightful.” Thus, he finally weaned me off his toxic, torture drugs. And I am now healing, so hopefully we are in the process of saving the world. I do hope the psychiatric industry learns some day to respect those capable of utilizing the intuitive and analytical sides of their brain, rather than just the analytical. Since it’s generally known that those who utilized the creative side of their brain are fully capable of understanding and utilizing the analytical side of their brain, and they understand the importance of that aspect of their thought processes. But those who only utilize the analytical side of their brain, “don’t know what they don’t know.”

    It’d be better for the world to be controlled by people who have high functioning left and right sides of their brain, rather than people who only utilize one side of their brain, and “don’t know what they don’t know.” Feeding the world is important, spending billions into researching scientifically invalid and unreliable, made up “mental illnesses” is not. It’s time to end the wars, confess to the fraud of the Federal Reserve system, and change the status quo for the better, rather than maintain the status quo. All countries should be ruled “of and for the people,” rather than of and for the corporations, since corporations are legally required to behave as psychopaths. The artists are the visionaries, the psychiatrists believe in a scientifically invalid “bible” of stigmatizations, who has more wisdom, thus who should be revered and respected? Funny thing is, the realtors always knew it was wise to “follow the artists.” Glad to see some psychiatrists are starting to garner insight.

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