“Antidepressants Can Save Lives but They Made Me Want to Kill”


For the Independent, film maker Katinka Blackford Newman describes her experience with antidepressant-induced psychosis. “When I tell my story, people tell me cases like mine are very rare. But violence and hallucinations are listed as a side effect on one well-known antidepressant for 1 percent of users. With 5 million in the UK on antidepressants and over 100 million worldwide taking them, a small percentage is a very large number.”

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  1. Thank you Katinka.
    This global, avoidable epidemic of “Corporate Medical” Manslaughter” –
    (or worse ?) must be stopped.
    Scientific reason is not well received by mainstream psychiatry. They prefer science fiction.
    Perhaps unrelenting litigation and and the resulting assault on the pharmaceutical share price might, at last, turn this hideous tide?
    Perhaps it might also make young medical graduates question the tragedy of their wasted degrees and help them avoid a medical career-lifetime of causing iatrogenic death, disability and destruction of lives and families. These, the result of being deceived by their teachers into enforcing the ingestion of fraudulently licensed drugs in the indoctrinated belief that they are treating “disease”by causing catastrophic neurological and other multi-systems injuries.
    Those who ill-advisedly pursue a career in psychiatry might become self critical enough to address psychiatry’s fundamental failure. That is their consistent inability to differentiate akathisia and it’s sequalae from serious mental illness.
    Psychiatry has become medicine’s Enron.

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    • According to a Brazilian Spokesperson, at the Olympics at Rio “ticket touting fraud” by Olympic Officials if proven could result in 7 year prison sentences.

      In the 1980s in Ireland I was treated by a Research Psychiatrist who couldn’t tell the difference between the disabling and potentially fatal side effects of his own medication, and genuine mental illness.

      Today his University takes in about 50 million Euros per year in Commercial and Biomedical Research funding.

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      • How many thousands more poisoned, misdiagnosed, exiled from their previous lives and devastated with further enforced poisoning for profit and for personal prestige by these “doctors”?
        This has to be recognised for what it truly is; on a daily and international scale, Global crime against humanity.

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          • Speaking of my own Irish ex psychiatrist: when I reacted to a first time (highly unpredictable) medication given at twice the recommended introductory dose he claimed I suffered a “pre psychotic episode”. I had never suffered a “pre psychotic episode” before nor suffered one since – he had doctored my records to hide his own negligence.

            Today his Research University is within the top Worldwide 200 Universities rated at no 139.

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  2. Great article Katinka. Thanks for sharing this. What is amazing is that the symptoms of hallucinations began within hours of the first dose. Of course the doctors who locked her up never considered “drug side effect,” as usual. To truely understand the nightmare these drugs create, experiencing it first hand is eye opening. You can read of the side effects. But living it gives true insight. And it is scary, like seeing Satan.

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