“Singulair, Montelukast: Asthma Medication Linked to Serious Psychotic Episodes in Children”


ABC News reports on almost 90 cases of children experiencing suicidal thoughts and other psychiatric side effects while taking the common asthma medication Singulair. “I was incredibly shocked when I realised that a little chewable tablet to control his asthma symptoms could possibly be linked to such severe psychological symptoms,” one parent said.

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  1. I was offered this drug this year when my asthma was really bad.

    I read the leaflet which had all the side effects listed and decided not to take it. The risk of serious psychological effects are high.

    After a couple of weeks with my usual inhalers my asthma improved.

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  2. Unreal. This is a ‘poster child’ issue for everything that is wrong in conventional medicine.

    Some kids (much fault lies with the nutrient-deficient N. American diet that knocks out the body’s immune responses, but I digress…) suffer disproportionately with ear infections, sinus problems, and bronchitis. Conventional medicine has thrown antibiotics at every kid for decades regardless of the root cause of the infections, or whether the infections were viral or bacterial (most were viral and antibiotics were useless and harmful).

    Repeated courses of antibiotics knocked out the child’s body’s ability fight off the next infection, and so on. At a certain point the MD would just call it ‘asthma’ and throw an inhaler at the family because it suppressed the symptoms, and the child’s immune system would become dependent on the quick-fix inhaler, although most were never actual ‘asthmatics’ at all.

    THEN I read here on the horrifying outcome for some children of some inhalers, which for most should never have been prescribed in the first place (and even the best of them only suppress the immune system’s reactions, which is ultimately destructive to the system). And THEN these poor kids will be prescribed anti-psychotics, which is of course absurd and deadly in itself.

    You can’t make these things up.

    Liz Sydney

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