“Four-Year-Old Given Ten Times Suggested Dose of Antipsychotic”


“The mother of a four-year-old boy is left with a lot of questions after a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy messed up her son’s prescription, giving the boy 10 times the correct dose of an antipsychotic drug over a period of several months,” CBC News reports.

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  1. The CORRECT dose of an antipsychotic for a FOUR year old?? That would be ZERO. The mom is wondering about the longterm impact on his kidneys? What about his brain??
    So, once again an immature or hyper child is drugged with a toxic poison to control his behavior and the parents goes along with this obscene approach? Great idea for a pediatrition to “first do no harm”…to a delicate, developing brain…complete ignorance and stupidity.

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  2. Absolutely, @truth. Every part of this story is OBSCENE.

    But leave it to CBC (I’m Canadian, and CBC is my taxpayer-funded national media outlet) to miss the critical issue and drill down randomly (haha, “privacy” issues, prescribing mistakes…).

    A four-year-old “suffers from ADHD and other behavioural issues”. You were expecting him to be working on his dissertation, Doc? Mom? Dad? CBC? Thanks to CBC “journalism” for parroting conventional medicine and psychiatry without even a nannosecond blink toward critical thinking.

    The piece refers to doctors [plural] who saw the child over the course of several MONTHS and NOT ONE questioned a toddler’s Risperidone prescription? ANTIPSYCHOTICS for a FOUR-year-old (a year or two out of diapers…imagine), but everyone’s issue is the pharmacy error. Messenger duly shot.

    Liz Sydney

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  3. Excuse me; as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a “correct dose” of any antipsychotic for a child! No one has any business giving these things to children.

    Parents need to quit trusting doctors without question, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of their children. If it was my child there would have been huge questions about what was going on at the end of the first week, let alone four months.

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