“Opioids May Interfere With Parenting Instincts, Study Finds”


The New York Times covers a recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania finding that opioid dependence can influence the brain’s natural response to infants. “Compared with the brains of healthy people, the brains of people with opioid dependence didn’t produce strong responses to the cute baby pictures. But once the opioid-dependent people received a drug called naltrexone, which blocks the effects of opioids, their brains produced a more normal response.”

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  1. The topic of how psych drugs interfere with and skew normal emotions and perceptions isn’t talked about enough. The implications are massive and culture-changing.

    MIA needs to re-run a ‘Personal Story’ post that ran in the summer by an MIA writer who wrote of how, while under the veil of psych drugs (I don’t recall the drug category), he became an obsessive user of horror-gore. That post woke me up to why and how there is a proliferation of these shows over the past decade or so. They are feeding a huge, drugged audience.

    I can’t find the post since the new site was set up. Help, anyone?

    Liz Sydney

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    • Hi Liz, I think you’re looking for this post:


      And then, as a note, you can find all of the previous personal stories by going to Blogs –> Personal Stories via the main menu. We may bring back a “Best of MIA” category in the future, highlighting older posts that people seemed to find particular resonance with. There are so many excellent posts that have moved through the site over the past few years.

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      • Thanks, Christopher. Glad to be able to bookmark it. MIA should ask the author to write a follow-up. (I don’t think the titles included expanded text portions when I first looked after the new site roll-out. It was just a list of titles/authors.) And, yes, I was one reader who used and enjoyed the ‘Best of MIA’ feature on the old site.

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  2. What this article is suggesting could be true. But why are people even looking at it from that vantage point, instead of just getting people to feel their pain, and get rid of the drugs, and get rid of the Psychothearpy, the Recovery, and the Healing too.

    When people can join forces and fight shoulder to shoulder to redress the injustices which have shaped their lives and the lives of others, they grow. They aren’t neurotic anymore. They can tell Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Recoveryists and Healers where to get off. They won’t make the mistake of disclosing any of their personal affairs to these creeps because they are Commiserators, and not Comrades.

    When people learn to join forces and fight back, they can intercede to protect children too, as so much of the pathologizing is being directed at children now. The Middle-Class Family has always depended on being able to retain doctors in order to exploit children. And arguments about things like Parenting Instinct are going to be a part of this, because as Foucault has shown us, arguments about what is Natural, are always used to control.

    So rather than discussing what opioids do, just tell people to hand the entire package, unopened, to either their own attorney or they County DA.

    Otherwise they will still remain susceptible to the new drug, or combination of drugs, which get into circulation.


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