“Hearing Voices is More Common Than You Might Think”


MIA contributor John Read writes for The Conversation: “Psychiatry’s diagnostic bibles, the American DSM-5 and the World Health Organisation’s ICD-10, portray auditory hallucinations as symptoms of a mental disorder called schizophrenia, which most psychiatrists believe is caused by biochemical and genetic factors rather than a meaningful response to life events and circumstances. Although less than 1% of the population receive this diagnosis, international surveys, in different cultures, find that about one in eight people experience auditory hallucination at least once in their life.”

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  1. Gotta love John Read’s historically relevant and intelligent perspectives. Including, his mention that “the notion that voices are random expressions of a diseased brain, devoid of meaning, is a recent creation, restricted to cultures where a medical model of human distress dominates.” And as he points out, this “recent [psychiatric] creation” is considered ‘unusual’ in most the world, as well as completely incorrect, according to many patients today and his research, and it does not mesh with historic human perspectives and beliefs either.

    Which seems to imply this “recent creation” within psychiatric theology is likely a delusional or incorrect “creation”/theory. Because, of course, all sane people should understand that what goes through a person’s mind is relevant to that person’s real life concerns. But it’s not relevant to the psychiatrists, since all they care about is prescribing drugs, apparently most of the time to profiteer off of denying and covering up child abuse, given that “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    I do wonder how many more decades it will take for the psychiatric industry to confess that this “recent creation”/ theory/delusion was, is, and will always be an incorrect theory. Especially, since covering up child abuse is technically still illegal in the US, although apparently it is a very profitable business.

    It is staggering that the majority within today’s psychiatric community today are not intelligent enough to understand that when “someone who was suffering ongoing sexual abuse by a violent relative, who heard the relative’s voice telling them to commit suicide.” That “It is usually more helpful in these situations to ask if the person would like to talk about what happened to them rather than dismiss the voice as a meaningless symptom of brain disease.”

    Today’s psychiatric industry is actually primarily a child abuse covering up industry, according to the medical evidence, how uncivilized can Western “civilization” get?

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