“Is Time Outdoors the Key to Helping Veterans Overcome PTSD?”


Abbie Hausermann, MSW, LICSW, discusses why ecotherapy works for former service members. “The aim of these ecotherapy programs and services is to connect veterans back to nature in a way that will conjure positive emotions and elicit a sense of confidence when reintegrating into the civilian world. This form of treatment is a way to garner the benefits of supportive therapy while being out in the wild.”

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  1. Seems like an interesting idea, although I wouldn’t go out in the woods during deer season, when invisible idiots are cranking off random shots from all directions. Maybe that’s why I like picking mushrooms, trusting my visual ability to keep me from poisoning myself (and nobody around to crank off random shots). I recall my delight at learning to recognize Deadly Galerinas, though I obviously couldn’t eat them (I already knew my amanitas, the family that contains your basic poisonous mushrooms).

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