1. Yeah, well, this has gone too far. I’m not even reading this or any article which uses loaded terms like “Trump’s fascism” w/o defining fascism (and maybe defining Trump), and explaining how “Trump’s fascism” is different from “Obama’s fascism” or anyone else’s “fascism.” Words mean things.

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    • Fascism has just been redefined to mean capitalism or anything else the left doesn’t like.

      We now live in a Wikipedia society — where anyone can change the meaning of a word to satisfy some misguided or politically correct social engineering goal. Progressives have become masters of vocabulary manipulation and are constantly changing the traditional meaning of words to fit their political agenda.

      They have co-opted the meaning of words to deceive the uninformed, uneducated and apathetic public. This is not a new concept and it has been in practice for decades. It has, however, been stepped up now that so many people have been purposely dumbed down. When was the last time you learned anything by watching “The Learning Channel” or saw anything intelligent on the Discovery channel ? They WANT the population stupid, its by design.

      Page after page explains this tactic of redefining of words. http://www.google.com/search?q=liberals+and+the+redefinition+of+words

      When one side of a political argument is allowed to change the definition of words to suit their political needs/objectives, the language is imperiled. When academia actually works on concert with those politicians, then the language is destroyed. When you destroy the language, you destroy society — it’s that simple.

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