1. I don’t know.



    I was in Amsterdam in 1980 at the same address for a few months and I also knew Kevin (who I liked). My last conversation with him was when I was in blackout and I was only aware that it had occurred when he asked me if I could remember what we had talked about.

    This was about ten days before I left Amsterdam. I left because I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and didn’t know why – but I had never connected this to Kevin.

    In London I came into contact with the police who took my passport and wouldn’t return it; and I ended up in Bail accommodation. My room mate there a seasoned villain provided me with a copy of the ‘Valachi Papers’ to read – which turned out to be predictive.

    From the Bail accommodation I ended up in the Maudsley Mental Hospital.

    I have seen my relevant English notes from this time – and there is no mention of Amsterdam on them whatsoever. When I was moved to Ireland the accompanying English doctor and me were split up and interviewed seperately.

    There was still no mention of Amsterdam on the English doctors notes. The history I provided to the junior doctor was rewritten by the Consultant Psychiatrist in his own hand and updated to several days later. This junior doctors name never appeared on my records. The English doctor did not sign or write his own notes either.

    All descriptions from the UK are circumspect to the point of never having met me!

    I’m looking at this now as I’m attempting to clean up my histories but encountering irrational avoidance.

    Until very recently I had no clear idea of the different connections.

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