Instagram Worst App for Young People’s Mental Health


From CNN: A British study found that Instagram has a negative effect on young people’s mental health, especially on young women’s body image. The Royal Society for Public Health has called for social media platforms to place a warning on images that have been digitally manipulated to help combat young users’ feelings of inadequacy.

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  1. In the article linked to above, so-called “social media: is described as “addicting”. But THINK about that a minute. Typically, it’s alcohol and drugs that are said to be “addicting”. It’s the CHEMICAL substance that one becomes “addicted” to. It’s the chemical that’s “addictive”. But with social media, there’s no chemical that is ingested. So that means that the definition of “addiction” has now been enlarged. But what exactly *IS* “social media”? In simplest terms, it’s looking at digital words and pictures on digital devices. What *exactly* does one become “addicted” to? I don’t think either media, or “health officials” ever really **THINK** about what exactly they’re saying. After all, aren’t we ALL “addicted” to FOOD and WATER? If you deny being addicted to food and water, just try living WITHOUT food and water, then say you’re NOT addicted….

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