1. This is a very suspect study. There were only 10 subjects. The “study” was poorly done. The criteria to determine whether individuals actually had Alzheimers was, well, at times ridiculous. Example: individual forgot where he put his keys. More serious symptoms could have been caused by such things as depression, anxiety, or over obsessing about perceived deficits. Finally, it appears that the authors are selling something called the MEND protocol. They can’t be trusted to be objective. This article is really not something MIA readers should be directed to.

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  2. It isn’t the least bit true that little clinical benefit was seen in the LTMX trial! It’s just that it’s a challenge to established Alzheimer’s drug researchers whove been chasing beta-amyloid for a long time and have spent billions and gotten nowhere. LTMX targets the tau proteins instead. And what was found that subjects who took the drug along with a standard Alzheimer’s drug continued to decline, with brain atrophy occurring during the trial’s run, as well as cognitive decline.

    Subjecyts who took only LTMX fared much, much better. So much better that you have to wonder if the standard Alzheimer’s drugs are causing the worsening.

    The trial was dismissed en masse by lazy science writers who found one thing to not like and glommed onto it. It it reported on an after the fact question that wasn’t designed into the study. But, there’s no disputing the data.

    Some said that there was something special about the group that took LTMX but not aricept. Maybe because they were from poorer countries, it was surmised, they responded well during the drug trial because they were suddenly getting health care. Lame.

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