Therapists Are Using Dungeons & Dragons to Help Kids


From Kotaku: Therapists across the country are running Dungeons & Dragons therapy groups to help socially isolated kids open up by participating in role-playing games.

“There are a half dozen groups across the States tapping into tabletop RPGs’ therapeutic potential. Therapists have long used role-play to help their patients, inviting patients to role-play personal scenarios from friends’ or parents’ perspectives. But buying in can feel pretty lame without a good hook, or a fictional world’s distance from real-life. Because D&D is inherently cooperative and escapist, it urges players to reimagine the ways they interact with peers. And because each player has their own specialty, like communicating with dragons, they’ll have their moment to feel valuable in a group setting.”

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  1. D & D – helping the socially awkward for decades!

    I know – this game was at the center of my nerdy social circles, and was a formative way to approach teamwork, communication, imagination, problem solving.

    Beat the heck out of school for real life!

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