Yes, I Hear Voices, But No, I Don’t Want You to Call Me Mentally Ill


In this piece for The Independent, Rachel Waddingham describes her experience with hearing voices as well as learning to live with and understand her voices.

“When I started attending a Hearing Voices Group, however, the friendships I made were an antidote to the loneliness of living in a world others deemed as ‘delusional’, encouraging me to discover long-forgotten strengths and abilities. Most importantly, I began to understand my voices and beliefs as a meaningful response to trauma: the childhood abuse I had hidden from my parents, sisters and friends. I began to listen more metaphorically to the voices, as one might seek meaning in a bad dream.”


  1. Please read how the ancestors of the Native Americans appreciated those who “heard voices.” The description is the “devotional book,” “Earth Medicine” by Jamie Sams. The notation referenced is on page 142; “Fifth Moon, # 24 Honoring Every Person.” This passage on this page is very uplifting. They were not suppressed by toxic drugs or ECT. They were honored and appreciated. The Ancient Ancestors knew deep within that those who “heard voices” had something special, spiritual, and necessary to say to the people. When I read this, I almost cried. We think because we are in a modern era; scientific, technological that we are far advanced than those who came before us and those who may be of different backgrounds; but, obviously, this is not true. Just because, we are in the twenty-first century does not mean we are by any means further advanced than those from the past.

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