Families Sue Health Insurers to Cover Wilderness Therapy


From The Boston Globe: An increasing number of families are filing lawsuits against insurance companies that refuse to cover wilderness therapy for their children’s mental health challenges or addiction. While wilderness therapy programs have been responsible for the abuse and deaths of teens and young adults in the past, many claim that the programs have improved and can be life-saving for troubled youth.

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  1. We can’t blame the idea for what some of these programs did.

    Of course going out into the wilderness is going to help more then the inpatient psych lockup model where you just sit around all day being fed pills in captivity and getting told your a mental patient all day.

    There is stuff to keep busy and endless visual input unlike inside a nasty psych facility and that keeps the mind from getting stuck in loops or circular thinking as psychology I think calls it.

    I don’t have time to explain it but here lots of other people have http://www.google.com/search?q=modern+life+causes+mental+illness

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