The Scarlet F: Why Fat Shaming Harms Health


From Harvard Public Health: Weight stigma, or prejudice toward people of size, can have a significant impact on both mental and physical health. On the other hand, research suggests that body positivity can be a protective factor against depression and disordered eating.

“Kriete describes weight stigma as a toxic exposure, like air pollution. The more you breathe it in, the more it puts your physical and emotional health at risk—from depression to hormonal changes that can lead to long-term physical damage. It can come from a nasty comment on the street, a blunt physician, or a family member practicing ‘tough love.’ And there’s mounting evidence showing that it’s not just cruel, it’s also counterproductive.”

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  1. They are slim boned, long limbed, and have very little body fat and little muscle. Ectomorphs tend to have fragile, delicately built bodies and find it very difficult to gain weight or add muscle.

    But its perfectly OK for fat ass people to constantly badger thin people and suggest they eat more while they shovel down plates full of bacon and food with alot butter on it.

    “Forcing ‘picky eaters’ to try food they do not like ‘makes them more likely to become anxious’ Researchers find anxiety caused by food neophobia – the fear of tasting new things – could be made worse by parents frustrated by ‘picky eater’ children

    The study suggests it could lead to the youngsters growing up to be anxious adults with low self-esteem.

    You need to “finish your plate” said the fat ass to the Ectomorph who can never gain weight always told your too thin (No one has a problem with that).

    But try suggesting to a big fat ass to leave some food on the plate and it is “body shaming” and they get all insulted.

    I am on a sea food diet said the fat ass, I see food and I eat it.

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