Tiger Woods Told Officers During Arrest He had Taken Xanax


From STAT: Last month, when Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence, he told officers that he had taken prescription medications including opioid painkillers and Xanax. The FDA warns that combining Xanax with opioid medications can cause dangerous adverse effects.

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  1. Woods, the 14-time major champion who had back surgery in April, was found asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes around 2 a.m. on May 29 and arrested on a DUI charge. A breath test registered 0.0 for alcohol, corroborating Woods’ claim that he had an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medicine.

    DUI stands for DRIVING under the influence not SLEEPING under the influence.

    This of course make no difference to the American police state where every citizen is seen as an ATM machine for them to hit up for revenue.

    Wonder how much of our tax money these thieves will steal so they can enrich themselves in the process of fighting with Tigers lawyer.

    Fla. man arrested for DUI in motorized wheelchair http://www.wtsp.com/news/weird/florida-man-gets-dui-while-driving-a-motorized-wheelchair/235084030

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