A New Paper Breaks Down the Effects of the Election


From Science of Us: A new research paper examines the mental and physical health effects of the 2016 presidential election, including the impact of toxic stress caused by discrimination and fear of discrimination.

“While policies such as the Muslim ‘ban’ and anti-transgender legislation may seem to affect only a small number of people directly, Galea explained in an interview, they ‘create a shift in culture away from pro-social behavior that promotes our collective well-being … The health of populations rests in no small part on our collective behaviors, influenced by shared social norms.’

Simply put, he said, ‘marginalization equals poor health.’ This may be especially true for undocumented immigrants, who have to cope with both the fear of harassment and the fear of deportation, which has left many of them afraid to access public services.”

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  1. “collective behaviors”

    Maybe they would not feel so marginalized if the T.V news all news stopped labeling every single group besides white heterosexual males as radical leftists trying to turn America into Venezuela.

    People from all over the world come to America to flee socialism and communism because it wrecked their countries, they don’t want to bring it here.

    When many people read stuff like “pro-social behavior that promotes our collective well-being” they think of Cuba Venezuela and everywhere else that sucks and then have even more negative feelings against minority groups.

    Stories like this are a major insult to undocumented immigrants, they did not make epic journey for public services free heath care … they came to work hard and the American dream that’s actually still not that hard to pull off.

    Most came to make it in America not take it from America.

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