‘Breastaurants’ Are Hurting Employees’ Mental Health


From HuffPost Canada: New research suggests that working at restaurants that sell sexual objectification of female staff, such as Hooters, can have a negative impact on women’s mental health. Researchers found that the more objectifying the workplace, the more likely a server was to experience anxiety or disordered eating.

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  1. Those ‘Breastaurants’ seem to attract narcissistic customers the same way nightclubs do, nothing attracts narcissists like nightclubs ‘admire me’ look at me theaters of fakeness. I am sure some of them make very rude comments about the women working at breastaurants wile eating there.

    Some women thoroughly enjoy being sexy and its not a problem for them but I would imagine others like the pay but hate the job and many of the customers.

    The beauty and fashion industry has been preying on women’s insecurities since like forever but one thing you will never hear from a guy is she looks nice but with a ton of makeup she would be gorgeous. I think in the entire history of men none of us has ever said that. Women look nicer in flip flops or barefoot then in $600 shoes.

    Its just part of the world, we look at each other.

    I have always been tempted but not reckless enough with my health to try steroids, kind of the male version of disordered eating to live up to those artificial standards of whats hot and whats not and beat the system. Steroids work, in a few months your a hunk years later your junk but it worked for A Schwarzenegger.

    Proper steroid and gym regime maybe I could work at Chippendales but that’s not exactly one of my goals. In fact yuck no thanks.

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  2. The Outcast (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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    Is that what they want to do to our society with all this gender neutral stuff ? I wonder sometimes http://www.google.com/search?q=The+Outcast+Star+Trekk

    Take an airline flight on on a non US airlines and the stewardesses are gorgeous. The US is so full of crap already with “equality” . Whats wrong with beauty in the world ? Look at all the art from the ancient world its not like we just started doing this.

    I can trash trashy Hooters but not the whole idea that we can’t celebrate beauty.

    Its been a wile since I crossed an ocean, I should, and I am going off topic now to but another thing I noticed traveling abroad that went against everything I was taught as a kid was that people in many other countries had more freedom. You could see and feel it.

    And Americans the traffic light turns green and they just sit there “duh I am major stupid but I guess I will move now but extra stupid slow” then they go home and complain the traffic was slow. Just the shuttle from the airport in many countries they get up and move out and its wow not like home.

    They should require Americans to travel abroad at least every ten years.

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    • No idea what that has to do with this article, but–

      No, I don’t think that the tiny population of people out there who consider themselves gender neutral are out to forcibly remake humanity in their own image. They are probably a lot more interested in just being treated like human beings and avoiding violence from bigots.

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