Rise in Children With Mental Health Concerns After Terror Attacks


FromĀ The Guardian: According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the number of children and young people seeking mental health support has spiked since recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. Hospitals across the Manchester region have seen an estimated 10 percent increase in children seeking help since the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd.

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    • The industry (“mental health”) is banking on the fact that we will react normally so they can bring more victims into the fold to be victimized by their hands. We know when that happens they have ensured a future “consumer” who will likely have little hope of escaping their biological frailties and be tethered to their profession for many, many years. Terrorism and war are good for business. How sad.

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  1. Ah yes, today’s “mental health professionals” believe disgust at terror attacks, like 9/11/2001 also, can be cured with psychiatric drugs. Of course the “mental health professionals” are wrong. Personally, I believe ending the wars and terror would be better. God save those children.

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