Teen Raising Awareness After Exercise Saved her Life


From Elite Daily: Courtney Lorking, an 18-year-old online wellness coach and fitness enthusiast, is speaking out and sharing her story of how exercise helped her overcome depression after surviving three suicide attempts.

“Lorking’s Instagram page is sprinkled with inspiring mantras that reinforce the incredible benefits exercise can have on the brain.

One of her captions reads:

Exercise is the best anti-depressant I’ve ever used. Seeing progress in your body and thinking, ‘hey that’s all my hard work.’

The buzz you get leaving the gym is better than any pharmaceutical anyone can make in my opinion. That natural way of life and not finding a band-aid for the situation is the most effective way to tackle anxiety and depression.”

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, exercise helped save me too. It pissed my doctors off that I wouldn’t quit exercising, however. My psychiatrist and psychologist kept telling me to “stop exercising,” “quit all your activities,” and “let the meds work.” That’s pretty much when I knew for certain they were insane people, although they turned out to be much, much, much more insane and unethical than I ever imagined any human beings could ever be.

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