Marijuana Research: Overcoming the Barriers


From APA Science Advocacy: As an increasing number of states are beginning to legalize the medicinal and/or recreational use of marijuana, it is clear that more research is needed on the risks and potential benefits of the drug. The American Psychological Association is working for legislation that will remove some of the major barriers preventing scientists from pursuing the full range of research necessary to understand the impact of marijuana.

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  1. The APA’s wasting its time. With AG Sessions in charge and his “drug czar” a former apologist for Big Pharma, we’re probably about to see a no-holds-barred campaign against cannabis- less dangerous than dealing with the hard drug guys, while simultaneously providing opportunities for thousands of existence-justifying busts that make cops’ records look good. Since the AG is likely one of those 2d Amendment guys who want unlimited infantry firepower in civilian hands, the above strategy looks like the only one possible, as hard drug billionaires now have enough money to afford enough antitank weapons, heavy machine guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition to create dope houses surrounded by the 21st Century version of the Siegfried Line.

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