Renowned Psychiatrist Warns That Trump is a Danger to Us All


From Alternet: A new book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, written by 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health experts to warn the public of President Trump’s dangerousness, will be published on October 3rd. According to Robert Jay Lifton, who wrote the book’s foreword, The Goldwater Rule is subordinate mental health professionals’ duty to warn people in danger and protect human life and well-being.

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  1. Here Robert Jay Lipton is saying Duty to Warn in the case of Donald J. Trump, pardon the pun, trumps the Goldwater rule. Duty to Warn has to do with “danger to self and others”.

    Given grave concerns for the future of our, and all, nations, getting rid of Trump by any and all means necessary might be the order of the day. Questioning his “sanity”, of course, despite any impugned “stigma”, is where this ridding may have to begin.

    I ask you, does Trump have difficulty recognizing the difference between right and wrong, and should not a less stressful and potentially dangerous form of employment perhaps be found for him? You tell me.

    One too many madmen (or women) in executive office, and the fate of all life on this planet would be sealed. Regardless of whether you insult mental patients by calling the prez nutso or not, a change of course would seem to be, before we as a species contribute to our own total destruction, in order.

    Although it is ‘witnessing professionals’ who should do the warning according to RJL. People, that is, blessed by credentials, and the power to judge and put away those less blessed. The educated, or over educated, elite in other words. I think there might be a lot ‘street smarts’ displayed in getting rid of the present jerk of state myself.

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    • Robert Jay Lifton wrote the foreword to the book Bandy X. Lee edited, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. The book itself is a collection of essays by some 27 “mental health” professionals that apparently grew out of a Yale University conference on Duty to Warn. The professional referred to in the piece above is Robert Jay Lifton as it links to a Bill Moyer interview with him on the same subject.

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    • It’s not about whether anybody likes Donald Trump or not, it’s about whether Donald Trump will be damaging to the American people, or whether he’s just a big ole’ pussy cat.

      R J Lifton seems to think Trump is going to be removed from office due to his involvement in Russiagate. Could be. If so, I prefer to help him along rather than to hinder efforts to get rid of him.

      Name calling is name calling regardless of whether it’s done from the security of an armchair or inside the confusion of a health clinic, however, the question becomes which is the more important goal for the moment, removing Donald Trump or delegtiimizing psychiatry.

      We had the same problem with the Thomas Eagleton affair. George McGovern’s campaign was said to be hurt because he dropped his VP choice Thomas Eagleton over the ECT he had received. Obviously, he had an undisclosed “psychiatric diagnosis” (depression) in his past. Most of us say he should have held onto the guy. Thing is, McGovern didn’t stand much of a change in the end anyway, and so much for that.

      Getting rid of Donald Trump is a viable possibility. Delegitimizing psychiatry runs up against the prestige of all sorts of established Universities and Colleges, and that’s only for starters. I’d say that makes getting rid of Trump the more viable option. Becoming a stickler about means doesn’t help us get rid of the present clown of state, and could actually hinder such efforts.

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    • Totally agree, uprising.

      So, which is as extreme liberal left bias as you can get:

      …puts out an extremely biased article full of logical fallacies, lies and manipulative language, about how 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts (who based on profession are most likely all democrats, and as we know their slogan should probably be “we’re ruining lives”, so let’s get real here, democrats aren’t doing people any favors either), are basically weaponizing their psycho babble and diagnosing against someone they don’t like, and it gets printed here of all places? And people are on board with this?


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      • Psychiatrists are labeling people regardless.

        If the issue is getting rid of Donald Trump, I’m not going to quibble. Maybe the creation of a 4th Reich to make American great…again…is not the most sensible direction for our country to be taking.

        I think the hour is growing late, and the consequences of jeopardizing all life on this planet, at one time or another, has to be faced.

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      • That “media fact check” site is just as biased as anything else. Centrism has its own location on the political spectrum, after all.

        This particular article isn’t wrong because it’s “liberal,” or because it’s on Alternet; it’s wrong because “mental health” professionals – even by their own standards – have no business diagnosing anyone with whom they have not met.

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        • I agree with you, I just don’t see how posting an inflammatory, divisive article is helpful. If that was a Breitbart or Fox News article I’d bet there would be outrage. I’m personally not bothered by people not liking him (neither do I), and I’m personally not a fan of over the top language policing and don’t really care if people call him crazy or whatever. But that article (!) I don’t understand how getting people going with the inflammatory, polarizing, political bating is helping anything. It’s just making everything worse from what I’m seeing.

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        • “I don’t understand how getting people going with the inflammatory, polarizing, political bating is helping anything. It’s just making everything worse from what I’m seeing.”

          You can make this statement, with a straight face, after reading some of our present clown of states tweets?


          I’d question whether they (psi functionaries) have any business diagnosing anyone, regardless of whether they’d met or not, except, of course, that it’s their business.

          “Mental illness” is baloney, but if you’re going to diagnose anybody as having it, Donald Trump gets my vote Otherwise, #notmypresident.

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  2. More left wing/anti-Trump propaganda being pushed by MIA. To me, it also indicates how MIA is allowing an ideology (We don’t want Trump as our president) to dominate over facts/evidence, i.e. there are people that are willing to go along with or promote the false psychiatric narrative and abandon truth and objective evidence to achieve the political ends that they would like to see. Also, Frank, it seems to be that you are not entirely committed to the truth but rather you wish to use whatever arguments are available and socially accepted to convince people to support your own political ideology/agenda. This makes it difficult for me to trust you if I decide to engage with you in discussions as I don’t know if you are telling the truth or if you are using whatever arguments will suffice to convince me (and possibly yourself) of your own ideological supremacy. I would rather truth and the facts, even if they hurt and challenge me and my interpretation of myself and my world, than being led along by someone else’s lies as I feel ultimately this will hurt me more and not help me operate in the world as effectively as I could do if I was given more accurate and truthful information. If we are here in MIA to call out psychiatry on its use of lies to promotes its own ideology and agenda should we not being trying to avoid this as much as possible ourselves as we build an understanding of ourselves and our society on lies this will only lead to destruction and unnecessary suffering for many people.

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    • I see a greater danger in the rise of hate groups, MartinMc. Hate groups that Donald J. has expressed some sympathy for. Not that long ago, albeit before my time, a figure by the name of Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. This Adolf Hitler in his pursuit of world domination, quite consciously, launched into a policy of genocide. That’s a truth that I wouldn’t want forgotten any time soon.

      Ever since his suicide people have been calling this Adolf Hitler crazy or “sick”. Okay. I don’t care what you call him. I don’t want another Adolf Hitler as head of state. It seems unfortunately we’re way too close to a situation when such happenstance could again conceivably become reality.

      I’ve met people who’ve denied the existence of the Holocaust. Donald J. Trump has claimed that climate change is disinformation spread by the Chinese. I don’t think we’ve got a whole lot of time to get on a track that makes sense, but I know that humoring Trump is no way to get there. When it comes to a crisis for our time, which is the bigger one, psychiatric social control, or global warming? Life on this planet could end up being at stake in how you answer such a question.

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