More Dangerous Than Opioids – Benzo Overprescription


From The Lown Institute: Opioids aren’t the only drug being dangerously overprescribed. The overprescription of benzodiazepines, a psychoactive drug with potentially excruciating side effects and debilitating withdrawal symptoms, is quickly becoming a crisis.

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  1. No surprise here. Withdrawal from even the old-time sedative-hypnotics was always more difficult and dangerous than withdrawal from heroin. Being fat-soluble, the newer ones are more difficult than their older relatives, making it harder for your body to clear them, than their water-soluble ancestors.

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      • It’s not just about the brain, either; the prevailing wisdom on the support sites (BenzoBuddies, Surviving Antidepressants) talk about changes also occurring in the HPA axis…I know I have adrenal issues/thyroid issues…

        gaba receptors have been ‘reabsorbed’; gaba is used all over the human body

        There’s some pretty technical stuff talked about over at BB, unfortunately, my comprehension levels keep me from grok-ing it fully.

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