1. Those doctors who were proclaiming they “know everything about the meds” seventeen years ago are looking pretty stupid today. And the concluding statements of this article show us why the medical establishment does not deserve to be trusted.

    “Given the current state of our understanding of complex withdrawal syndromes, increased awareness of these syndromes among providers is of utmost importance. These syndromes need further research, or more patients will continue to turn away from the medical establishment to look for support from other patients on the internet.”

    That last sentence is proof all the psychiatrists really care about is themselves. Why would anyone trust a profession that is only interested in learning about the harms of the drugs they prescribe, after there are other places, more credible than the delusional doctors, to go for information?

    I guess that’s proof that a “delusions of grandeur” filled, monopolistic “mental health” system does indeed descend into absolute corruption. Thus such a medical monopoly is stupid.

    America used to be great because we had fair and competitive markets, not monopolies. The medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex should be broken up. It’s the number one or three killer of Americans, depending on where you look, which is pretty much proof today’s medical monopoly is a failure.

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    • Someone Else

      You raise some important points.

      What about this quote from “Psychiatric Times”?

      “Burdening pharmaceutical companies to conduct such research before granting them license to sell would certainly slow down the development of many new and helpful medications.”

      Given the millions of people HARMED by these drugs, this statement sums up in a powerful way the truly criminal nature of Big Pharma and Psychiatry and those apologists who wish to cover up their crimes.


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      • And it’s not just psychiatry. As SE points out, receiving medical care is the #3 killer in the USA today. Most of the deaths are from properly prescribed and administered drugs. So far from slowing down the production of “new and helpful medications,” setting more restrictions will SAVE lives by making sure that new and HARMFUL drugs don’t make it to the market. Viiox, anyone?

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