Minority Groups Found Less Likely to Get Mental Health Care


FromĀ California Healthline: Although people of color are much more likely to suffer from severe psychological distress, they are less likely to receive mental health services.

“…discrimination, along with the direct or indirect consequences of violent crime, can lead to depression, anxiety and heightened psychological stress, especially in the black community.

TheĀ shooting death last weekĀ of 15-year-old Hannah Bell, while she stood in line with her mother at a hamburger stand in south Los Angeles, will likely lead to mental trauma for the family, the community and other 15-year-old girls, Robinson Flint said.

‘It could have been anyoneā€™s 15-year-old,’ she said. ‘People then take that anxiety, bury it and go to work. People show up at work not really ready and capable of working.'”

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  1. Minority Groups Found Less Likely to Get Mental Health Care.

    Lucky them.

    “Black Californians are more likely to experience mental health problems than other ethnic groups, and they are less likely to get the care they need, according to a study released Tuesday.”

    You mean it’s more okay to imprison black Californians in prisons, than it is to imprison them in mental hospitals!? Come on. I’m sure they’re getting a little of both.

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