Antidepressants Related Weight Gain Masks a Bigger Picture


In this British Medical Journal response to a recent study of weight gain while taking antidepressants, Dr. Alain Braillon argues that, as a general rule, drug safety issues are too frequently overlooked. The following link provides the response and an audio interview about the original study.

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  1. I gained 15 lbs in 2 weeks with no change in diet or exercise. From the drugs only. Then the diabetes-like symptoms kicked in- stupor from blood sugar swings, constant extreme thirst and urination, swelling, and endless, insatiable hunger. I found myself having sudden daydreams of eating a loaf of bread whole. I slept for years in 2 hour shifts because of the constant urination.

    I was really young. No doctor ever mentioned or monitored this. And discontinuation was so severe that I was stuck for years on drugs that fucked up my metabolism. I basically had diabetes, but because my fasting blood sugar was normal, it was never noticed.

    I am off the drugs, and my weight is normal, and my appetite is mostly returned to normal. But I have to take medication to be able to tolerate carbohydrates. I have diabetic complications in my nerves and eyes and skin. And the psychological harm from spending my youth overweight, against my express wishes, still lingers.

    I think the psychiatrist did it on purpose, since I had told her I would refuse drugs that caused weight gain. I suspect she saw this as noncompliance and so she lied to me.

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