What’s Behind the Need to Numb and Seek a Final Escape?


From The Conversation: “It is not clear what exactly drives the demand for the psychoactive substances and what has driven the increase in suicides. But I think it’s worth speculating whether a perceived low quality of life for many Americans, marked by high stress and low levels of happiness, is contributing.

Americans stand out from people in other countries with respect to their focus on individualism. Americans believe that success is determined by our own control and that it is very important to work hard to get ahead in life. Perhaps it is this focus on our own achievements, successes and work culture that have created an environment that is no longer sustainable – it has become too stressful.

What other options do we have in a culture where we are also expected to solve our own problems? I believe that for many, the use of substances and suicides may tragically be the only available coping mechanism.”

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  1. On first read, it stands out that 40% of suicides that had toxicology testing had antidepressants in their system. So, nearly half of suicides are receiving psychiatric treatment. But rather ironically this is listed under the description of substance abuse. Wtf?

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