Owing More and Feeling Worse


From Psych Central: “While we may consider the reasons we go into debt — from falling prey to strategic advertising that encourages us to buy now and pay later, and thinking we are in a better position to pay our bills than we are, to being taken advantage of by overzealous lenders, or failing to exert financial self-control — the result is the same: We are mired in debt.

The question is: Just how much does this affect our mental health?”

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  1. Ever notice how you can tell so much about a person by how they make a magazine photo collage in art therapy?

    There are always some that cut out nothing but pictures of expensive houses, cars, jewelry, superficial celebrities ect and and paste them all to their board.

    These people are much more likely to end up in debt thinking material stuff will make them happy then the people who cut out the pictures of the nature stuff for a collage or some other theme.

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