Separated-at-Birth Triplets Met Tragic End After Psych Experiment


From the New York Post: “‘Three Identical Strangers’ chronicles a story so wild that, as Shafran says in the film, ‘I wouldn’t believe [it] if someone else was telling it.’ And once the long-lost siblings found each other, their story became even more shocking as they discovered they had been part of a decades-long psychological experiment that had controlled their destiny.

The triplets were born to a teenage girl on July 12, 1961, at Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, NY. Split up at 6 months by the now-defunct Manhattan adoption agency Louise Wise Services, the boys were raised within 100 miles of each other. None of the adoptive parents knew of the other brothers.

Before the babies were placed in their adoptive homes, the agency had told the prospective parents that the children were part of a ‘routine childhood-development study.’ The parents say it was strongly implied that participation in the study would increase their chances of being able to adopt the boys.”

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  1. The “mental health professionals” blame a suicide on “bipolar,” a made up an invalid DSM disorder. Rather than on the fact that the “mental health professionals” separated these triplets, which they realized very early on, resulted in separation anxiety. “Those who were studying us saw there was a problem happening. And they could have helped … and didn’t.”

    Then the psychologist, “Neubauer shelved his findings … upon his death in 2008 and according to his orders, all documents related to the study were placed with Yale University and restricted until 2065.” Hide your crimes, from those you conspired against? It’s no wonder, “Kellman is seen directing his anger into the camera. ‘Why?’ he says. ‘What did you do? Why? And how could you?’”

    It seems obvious to me that all the “mental health professionals” need ethics lessons. And, of course, no one should have a right to be experimenting on other human beings without their knowledge and consent. But it does seem their story is somewhat proof that “bipolar” is more of a nurture, than nature (or genetic), induced “illness.” Since only one of these three identical triplets was so diagnosed.

    But, of course, all of us here know the psychiatric drugs create the symptoms of “bipolar.” Which is proof that “bipolar” has an iatrogenic, not genetic etiology. No wonder the “mental health professionals” want to hide these findings until 2065. But how unethical can they get?

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