An Urban-Rural Divide Over Gun Suicide


From The Bend Bulletin: “A recent review of studies on firearm ownership and suicide found that a gun owner had a 300 percent higher risk of suicide than a non-gun owner. Moreover, that increased risk applied to every person in a home with a gun. Last year, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis found that the less urbanized a county, the higher the suicide rate.

‘The fact is, even more than depression or substance abuse, the strongest predictor of how likely a person is to die from suicide is a gun in the home,’ Don Gross, former president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, wrote in a recent report.

No matter how you slice it — rural versus urban, men versus women, whites versus blacks, old versus young — the higher the rates of gun ownership, the higher their suicide rate. None of those differences can be explained by higher rates of mental health, suicidal thoughts or previous suicide attempts.”

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  1. This summary is misleading or at least incomplete. It doesn’t reflect the whole theme of the article. Most won’t read he complete article and will come away with a mistaken conclusion.
    Not much of a surprise that people with guns committed suicide with guns and that they tend to be more “successful “ on the first try.
    But you have to get deep into the article to get past the initial implication that guns are the culprit, and that the solution is to take them away from the rural folk. The article eventually gets to discussing the need for better awareness and support for people in crisis who may be suicidal.

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