A Quarter of Mass. Opioid Deaths Are in Construction


From The Boston Globe: “[A] report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that nearly a quarter of overdose deaths in a five-year period occurred among people, mostly men, who work in construction. Farmers and fishermen also had higher-than-average rates of overdose deaths.

The common factor: Workplace injuries occur frequently in these occupations.

The report, released Wednesday, paints a disturbing picture of workers hurt on the job, taking addictive painkillers, and needing those painkillers to keep working at jobs they would otherwise lose.

A lack of job security and sick pay — often the case in high-injury occupations — were also factors linked to higher rates of overdose deaths, the study found.”

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  1. It is good that it is being pointed out that a lot of the opioid deaths are caused by the doctors. Today’s medical community does need to be educated as to the reality that the opioids are dangerous, mind altering, and “addictive painkillers.” Our current medical community harbors odd delusions that their opioids are “safe pain meds.” The doctors could not be more wrong and delusional.

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