The Spanish Yoghurt Farm That Cultivates Better Mental Health


From Reuters, “‘At La Fageda, these people don’t have a label – they are totally integrated – and they start improving, reconstructing themselves without any intervention.’

Finding and holding on to paid work is often a challenge for people with mental health problems because of stigma and misunderstanding of the recovery process, according to the World Health Organization.

But psychiatric studies show that even low paid, part-time work can reduce hospital re-admissions and their need for healthcare services.

Nearly 130 people with mental health issues work at La Fageda, mixing on a daily basis with about 160 other employees that do not.”

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  1. Most of these “mental health social entrepreneurships” give people really menial jobs. It’s like, sure, we’ll help you get to work, as long as you want to be a janitor or a housekeeper or clean up cow poop at the dairy. In fact, RedF, a social entrepreneurship accelerator, almost exclusively focuses on giving people menial jobs. We applied to them for “supported entrepreneurship,” instead of “supported employment,” of course they rejected us.

    And, evidence-based supported employment programs lets people choose their job. I’d be careful about giving La Fageda too much hype, their model doesn’t really reduce stigma.

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