Supportive Housing Reduces Homelessness, Health Care Costs


From RAND Review: “On any given night, tens of thousands of people sleep on the streets of Los Angeles, the nation’s capital of unsheltered homelessness.

But a recent RAND study found a reason for hope on those same streets. Los Angeles County has quietly succeeded in moving some of its most chronically homeless and vulnerable residents into permanent housing, with health care and social services. And it’s done it while saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

‘It makes a very compelling argument to say, “Look, if we provide housing and support, we can actually save money,”‘ said Sarah Hunter, a senior behavioral scientist who led RAND’s evaluation of the program and has spent years working with service providers on Los Angeles’s Skid Row.

‘Creating hurdles for people in need to receive housing is not the right approach,’ she said. ‘There are better ways to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable in our society.'”

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