Finding a Therapist Who Understands Oppression and Intersectionality


From The Establishment: “…research onĀ race-matching in therapyĀ suggests that for some clients, sharing a minoritized identity with a therapist may reduce guardedness, mistrust, and self-consciousness. Yet, the dearth of WOC and LGBTQ+ POC therapists means that clients from these backgrounds often face an uphill battle searching for a cultural match along the lines of race, gender, and sexuality. Add to this the fact that rates of depression are higher amongĀ WOCĀ andĀ LGBTQ+ POC, compared to cis-hetero (cisgender-heterosexual) men of color and White people who identify as LGBTQ+.

For these reasons, I created this resource about therapy, specifically for WOC and LGBTQ+ POC. My aim is to share the most frequent question asked of me: ‘How do I find a therapist who “gets it”?’ These four simple questions can help you do just that.”

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