Ketamine Antidepressant Could Bring Opioid-Like Addiction Risks


From The Independent: “Ketamine-based treatments for severe depression could further fuel the addiction epidemic sweeping the US, researchers have warned, after a new study found the drug affects the brain in the same way as opioid medications.

Stanford University researchers said the drug, given ‘breakthrough’ classification by the US government to speed its journey to market, should not be used widely until this addiction potential is understood.

Experts said that despite their great promise in depression, regulators must make sure ketamine isn’t simply another ‘opioid in a novel form’ which could add tens of thousands overdose deaths in the US each year.

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  1. Right now, I’m thinking of ketamine as more or less the same as PCP during its salad days during the early/middle 1970’s, a time featuring numerous delirious characters wandering around (under the influence of PCP) and creating spectacular scenes in hospital emergency rooms after the duty residents shot them up with antipsychotics (BIG mistake!) and got their establishments trashed as a consequence.

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