Dr. James Davies, Prof. John Read Respond to ‘Mental Elf’ Critique


From the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry (CEP): “We thank Hayes and Jauhar for blogging about our recently published systematic review about withdrawal from antidepressants thereby keeping the spotlight on a vitally important issue impacting millions of people around the world.

After decades of silence and minimisation, any discussion that maintains public attention is invaluable.

We now invite them to do what is customary in any serious academic debate and submit their blog critique to the journal in which we published, Addictive Behaviors. This way their critique can be properly peer-reviewed, and we can respond to each of their points in the appropriate place and manner, especially because we take serious issue with many of the arguments they raise. […]

While waiting for the prescribing professions to conduct better studies we hope that all concerned, including those guilty of denial and minimisation in the past, can now work together to acknowledge what thousands of people with direct experience have been trying to tell their doctors for years, to provide full information to people contemplating starting antidepressants, and to lobby for support for the millions trying to withdraw from them.”

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  1. I’m glad to see that the spotlight has been held on the “antidepressant” fiasco.

    There’s quite a few people going through very unpleasant longterm “antidepressant” withdrawal syndrome that don’t even know they have it.

    But what about Neuroleptic Drug Withdrawal Syndrome (and Neuroleptic drug Withdrawal Rebound Syndrome)?

    The British Association of Psychologists have stated, that according to their information, that they can successfully help people that Psychiatrists prescribe Neuroleptics to (- which I firmly believe that they can).

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