Protesters Demand Closure of School Where Autistic Teen Was Restrained, Later Died


From The Sacramento Bee: “Nearly a dozen protestors said they were demanding the immediate closure of Guiding Hands School in El Dorado Hills. Those gathered also said they believed state regulators didn’t do enough to prevent the death of Max Benson, 13, who died Nov. 29, a day after school staff put him in a face-down restraint for an extended period of time.

The California Department of Education found ‘sufficient evidence’ in a preliminary inspection of Guiding Hands that the facility had violated multiple state rules governing how and when physical restraints can be used on students, according to a letter sent to the school obtained by The Sacramento Bee through a California Public Records Act request. […]

Protestors said that the actions by the school staff are not isolated incidents, and physical restraints are used often.

‘Archaic methods of behavior intervention, excessive force and prolonged physical restraint all contributed to, if not caused, the death of this young boy,’ said Jordan Lindsey, executive director of The Arc California, an organization which serves people with disabilities. […]

‘This school should have been shut down years ago,’ Kaufman said. ‘They should have listened, and not have waited until someone died. It was a matter of time.'”

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  1. I think when the rules say don’t restrain people face down cause its known to cause deaths and you take the chance and do it anyway and someone dies that’s called something like criminally negligent homicide.

    Did anyone get arrested ?

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  2. Leave a child tied up face down and he dies and no one was arrested. Meanwhile if you leave your dog in a hot car and it dies watch out the law will be all over you.

    Jun 6, 2018 – Bossier City police arrested a woman Tuesday after her three dogs were found dead inside her parked car.

    Jul 8, 2018 – An Alabama woman faces a felony animal cruelty charge after her dog died Wednesday, hours after it was locked inside a parked car amid …

    Dog dies after being left in hot car for 5 hours at Gwinnett jail … sheriff’s Office said. Connie Wright Gomez, 46, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

    Jun 15, 2018 – A New York man has been arrested after allegedly leaving his dog to die in a hot car , where authorities said the temperature had soared to at …

    May 23, 2018 – A Bellevue woman will spend the next year in prison after leaving two rescue dogs in a hot car. Both dogs died as a result.

    I will bet $1000 no one ever gets arrested or goes to jail for killing this child.

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