California Looks to Lead Nation in Unraveling Childhood Trauma


From California Healthline: “Imagine identifying a toxin so potent it could rewire a child’s brain and erode his immune system. A substance that, in high doses, tripled the risk of heart disease and lung cancer and reduced life expectancy by 20 years.

And then realizing that tens of millions of American children had been exposed.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California’s newly appointed surgeon general, will tell you this is not a hypothetical scenario. She is a leading voice in a movement trying to transform our understanding of how the traumatic experiences that affect so many American children can trigger serious physical and mental illness.

The movement draws on decades of research that has found that children who endure sustained stresses in their day-to-day lives — think sexual abuse, emotional neglect, a mother’s mental illness, a father’s alcoholism — undergo biochemical changes to their brains and bodies that can dramatically increase their risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, lung cancer, asthma and depression. […]

With Burke Harris’ selection as the state’s first surgeon general, California is poised to become a vanguard for the nation in embracing the research that traces adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, to the later onset of physical and mental illness. In pockets across the country, it’s increasingly common for schools and correctional systems to train staff on how academic and behavioral problems can be rooted in childhood trauma. Burke Harris envisions a statewide approach whereby screening for traumatic stress is as routine for pediatricians as screening for hearing or vision, and children with high ACEs scores have access to services that can build resilience and help their young bodies reset and thrive.”

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  1. As a person with a high ACE score who received all of these intensive interventions, these researchers are barking up the wrong tree. Spending a lot of money to intensively intervene adds harm when you need to improve and help the FAMILY not the CHILD. ALL this is going to do is funnel more kids into care and treatment. California fucks everything up. Why don’t they try to figure out their homeless FAMILY problem instead of targeting kids. They don’t even have a plan and all the prognostications about biochemical changes in the brain is taking the biochemical model of “mental illness” and putting a pretty bow on it and calling it progress.

    Why don’t these people ever listen to the adults who as kids were harmed by these shitty interventions?

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    • “Why don’t they try to figure out their homeless FAMILY problem instead of targeting kids.” Targeting children is easier, profitable, and more satanic. But I’d say arresting the bankers who are stealing “trillions in houses” might help. I agree, the so called “help” is the opposite of “help.”

      As to ACES, “think sexual abuse, emotional neglect, a mother’s mental illness, a father’s alcoholism ….” What if, instead of covering up sexual abuse of children – by DSM defaming and poisoning the child abuse survivors or their mothers – on a massive societal scale, our “mental health” workers got out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse and destroying families? What a concept, start arresting the child molesters instead.

      The so called “mental health” workers, and their create money out of nothing globalist bankster masters, have historically always been, and still are, the primary cause of our society’s problems. Our society wouldn’t even have “mental illnesses,” if we got rid of the neurotoxic poisoning and stigmatizing psychiatrists, as well as their DSM deluded “mental health” minion. And our country wouldn’t have out of control pedophilia and child sex trafficking problems, if the “mental health” workers had not been profiteering off of aiding, abetting, and empowering the pedophiles for over a century.

      They’ve put the people who caused our societies problems in charge of trying to figure out how to fix our society’s problems. Despite the reality that that is an insanely stupid idea since, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And these DSM deluded people still haven’t figured out that the DSM disallowing insurance reimbursement for helping child abuse survivors is the reason we have such huge percentages of child abuse survivors misdiagnosed with the “invalid” DSM disorders.

      A society that has “mental health” industries, hell bent on attacking all the children in that society, will not survive. Shame on our DSM deluded “mental health” workers.

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  2. I grew up in household that was sometimes out of control BUT I am glad this was decades ago and I was not kidnapped by CPS then labeled and drugged by psychiatry like kids in the same situation today are.

    Had the police at the house once when I was like 6, they calmed stuff down and left that was it. This is so nothing compared to what I am sure many readers experienced but I remember the fear they are taking my mother away to jail. I can’t even remember what it was about but this day and age wow a whole world of shit would have beset our household.

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  3. “California Looks to Lead Nation in Unraveling Childhood Trauma”

    Knowing California health and academic systems fairly well, I seriously doubt this. How can class-based corrupt systems which cause trauma, “unravel” it? Status quo here.

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