In Memoriam: Mel Starkman, Psychiatric Survivor and Activist


From NOW Toronto: A tribute by Don Weitz to his friend Mel Starkman, who was active in the Toronto-area Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault, was a major organizer of the 10th Annual International Conference on Human Rights and Psychiatric Oppression, co-founded the Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto, and spoke out against electroshock treatment.

“Mel was a mensch. He lived his life like the words of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas: ‘Do not go gentle into that good night… rage rage against the dying of the light.'”

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  1. Certainly have a heavy heart to read of the passing of Mel Starkman. His strength of spirit and ongoing activism was truly inspiring. He will be sorely missed in the fight against psychiatric harm and by all those he advocated for. God bless and rest easy Mel.

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