States Considering Statute of Limitations Reform for Childhood Sexual Assault


From WNYC Studios: “Last week, an attorney announced 220 new victims of childhood sexual assault at the hands of the Boy Scouts of America. The institution is grappling with a wave of new accusations and is considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a way to cope with the potential financial fallout.

The accusations come at a time when states around the country are considering extending statutes of limitations for crimes like these, which have historically been very short.

For organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church, who have covered up sexual assaults against children for decades, the effort to extend statutes of limitations could give more victims fresh opportunities for justice.”

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  1. Good to sex abuse trauma brought up on this website.
    When one has been traumatized it can take years or never come out.
    One of my strongest issues with the psychiatric fields is the cover up and blatant disregard for the area of trauma. WWI soldiers were needed to return back to battle so the British Military became trauma recovery experts. The poet/ soldiers that survived were complimentary of their treatment.
    Many other writers wrote from their trauma after the war. Then trauma was forgotten though the negative societal issues continue to implode and transmute. Vets were part of the Black and Tan forces sent to Ireland. It did not go well. Moral injury over and between more moral injury.
    Sex abuse although not quite the same as veteran trauma but intertwined because of colleteral damage of civilians part and parcel at times.
    Children are so much more vulnerable and so less able to speak. No language but a cry truly.
    My best guess is that psychiatric professions misdiagnosed trauma victims as various labels including so called dkizophrenia. If one would study any case histories of WW1 of vets treated same symptoms of clusters with a non trauma related label now.

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  2. The primary actual societal function of both the psychological and psychiatric factions of our “mental health” industries, historically and today, is profiteering off of covering up child abuse.

    And the DSM is today, as it has always been, a child abuse covering up “bible,” by design.

    Since the “mental health” workers can’t bill for helping child abuse survivors, maybe they should stop false advertising themselves as people who can help traumatized people? Since that’s false advertising, which is illegal.

    And, of course, it’s also malpractice for our “mental health” workers to misdiagnose millions of child abuse survivors with the “invalid” DSM “mental illnesses,” which they’ve done. Merely because our “mental health” workers can’t bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors.

    And it’s not just the Catholic religion, I’m pretty certain it’s all of them. Since an ethical pastor did confess this child abuse profiteering, by our “mental health” workers, religious hospitals, and doctors, is “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.”

    But since covering up child abuse is a multibillion dollar industry for today’s “mental health” and religious industries, neither industry wants to get out of this business. This is a societal problem.

    And there was at least one ethical ELCA Lutheran Chicago synod offices employee, who was so disgusted by the ELCA Lutheran bishops’ child abuse cover up of my child, and many others, that he wrote a book. I’d be one of the likely many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of his book.

    We need to put an end to today’s scientific fraud based, iatrogenic illness creating, “mental health” industries’ satanic, primarily child abuse covering up system.

    In part, because all the “mental health” industries’ child abuse covering up crimes, have also aided, abetted, and empowered the pedophiles and child sex traffickers, even according to world leaders now.

    But also because our psychiatric industry is now participating in an ongoing, modern day psychiatric holocaust, against millions and millions of innocents.

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