Fake Scottish Psychiatrist May Have Prescribed ECT


From The Scotsman: “A bogus psychiatrist who treated hundreds of patients in Scotland may have referred some for needless electro-convulsive therapy, Scotland’s chief medical officer has warned.

Dr Catherine Calderwood said that some others may have been detained under the Mental Health Act or ‘groomed’ to gain access to their finances.

Zholia Alemi worked in the NHS for 22 years despite having no qualifications. One health board confirmed 24 of her patients were detained or ‘sectioned’.

Alemi was jailed for five years last October for defrauding patients. A court in Carlisle heard she faked a patient’s will in an attempt to inherit her £1.3m estate.”

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  1. Well, bad people exist and some of them are pretending to be trusted professionals.

    The most important takeaway from this particular story is to remember that adults can be groomed just like children. The basis of any scam begins with the predator emotionally disarming their victim. It’s just as confusing and humiliating and devastating to experience at age 40 as it is at age 10. Adults should be aware of the signs of grooming and be ready to act to take their sanity back when they realize what is being done to them.

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  2. “Dr Catherine Calderwood said that some others may have been detained under the Mental Health Act or ‘groomed’ to gain access to their finances.”

    This is a problem with our “mental health” workers that is not often mentioned, they do nose themselves into their clients’ finances, illegally. I know in part, because a criminal psychiatrist I dealt with (she was not arrested, but her partner in crime was), knew what I used to do for a living, without me ever telling her.

    I was also recently handed over an “art manager” contract by a non-clinical psychologist. Which was in reality an ‘I want to control all your family’s money, all potential profits from your art, and eventually own all your art, steal all your family’s money, as well as have ownership of your story, take away your freedom to speak about your own life, all while you pay me, as I steal everything from you’ contract.

    The “delusions of grandeur” of our “mental health” workers are staggering. A little advice to all, never, ever sign a contract with someone who wants to go into business with you, and wants to take a percentage of gross income. Oops! Some artists also have business degrees, and common sense, which our “mental health” workers tend to lack.

    Of course, I did not sigh that appalling contract. But we do have a real societal problem with our “mental health” workers wanting to, both control and steal, from people.

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