A 60,000-Year-Old Cure for Depression


From the BBC: “Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal people have the oldest living culture on Earth. For around 60,000 years, their intricate understanding of ecology ensured survival, and their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being was achieved by maintaining healthy, balanced relationships with all living and non-living things.

At the heart of their communities were traditional healers. They have been respected and entrusted with the well-being of Aboriginal communities for as long as the culture has been alive, yet still today surprisingly little is known of them. The few healers who remain, of which Williams is one, have extensive knowledge of Aboriginal culture and are believed to possess supernatural abilities. Their role is to treat physical, mental and spiritual ailments using bush medicine, smoking ceremonies and spirit realignment – the latter being a common remedy for depression, or what indigenous Australians call ‘sickness of the spirit’ . . .

From my own experience, recovering from depression is a little like resurfacing from a cold river; thoughts like colours and sounds seem brighter, louder, clearer. And even if there’s no magic fix for mental illness, it seems indigenous Australians have much to teach us about developing greater awareness and reciprocity with our planet for our physical and emotional survival – if we only take the time to listen.

‘You need to ask, who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going,’ Ungunmerr-Baumann told me. ‘We know who we are as Aboriginal people. It’s in our language, dreaming, country. We’re waiting for all people to listen and hear what we hear so that we can connect and belong together.'”

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  1. I agree, “Western medicine looks at the body from a mechanistic perspective, whereas healers highlight everyone has a spirit that intimately links to the body and emotions.”

    The denial and actual blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, by our mainstream medical system, is the problem. I do think and hope the doctors rethink their trust in western medicines’, primarily child abuse, rape, and easily recognized iatrogenesis covering up, scientific fraud based, DSM “bible” believers’ system. It is one of our society’s primary problems. The, primarily child abuse covering up, psychiatric system needs to be dismantled.

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