The Challenges of Parenting a Profoundly Gifted Child

From Medium:  “The feeling of parenting a ‘profoundly gifted’ child is difficult to explain. There is pride, of course. There is also fear, along with an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, especially as she gets older and my capacity to understand what she’s thinking diminishes with each passing year.

I was labeled gifted, too, but not ‘profoundly.’ If my brain is a Dodge Charger, hers is a goddamn Tesla X.

What do I do when her knowledge inevitably exceeds mine? What happens when I can no longer teach her? What happens when she discovers that her mom is just like everyone else who doesn’t get things the way she does? What if I screw her up because I can’t understand or model for her the woman she needs to become? She keeps getting smarter and mastering new concepts, but I just stay the same.”

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