The War for the Future of Psychotherapy

From Forbes: “Maybe you heard. There’s a war brewing. At stake is the future of psychotherapy. Will manuals, algorithms, and automatons prevail? Or will we be able to preserve the centrality of unique and responsive human relationships? The fight will determine the kinds of care available to people with problems in living. And you better pay attention. This fight concerns you; after all, who doesn’t have such problems at some point in life, or care about someone who does?

I call the people fighting to remove the human from the psychotherapy equation ‘algorithm warriors.’ I’m on the other side, standing with those defending psychotherapy as a professional practice ever more sharply focussed on the healing power of human relationships. I talked about this last weekend in a presentation to a conference organized by the Psychotherapy Action Network (PsiAN) titled ‘Advancing Psychotherapy for the Next Generation: Rehumanizing Mental Health Policy and Practice.’ What follows comes from that talk presented in San Francisco on 12/14/19.”

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  1. There’s a capacity for psychotherapy to attempt to abuse as much as psychiatry.

    I believe psychotherapists need to split in terms of those that support psychotherepeutic recovery for people diagnosed “Schizophrenic” and “Bipolar” – and those who can’t handle this.

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