On the Brink of Extinction, Can We Transform the Western Ego?


From Kindred: “I’ve been reading Jerome Bernstein’s landmark work, Living in the Borderland: The evolution of consciousness and the challenge of healing trauma. It has never been more relevant than today.

He makes these main points.

(1) The development of the western ego has brought us to the brink of ecological disaster because it is overly rational…

(2) Prior to the development of the western ego, the pervasive worldview was ‘indigenous,’ the perception of a world filled with perceiving, intelligent persons, some of whom are human; an experiencing of overlapping being, of inseparability, of connectedness (Narvaez et al., 2019)…

(3) The development of the western ego was a necessary part of human evolution (the collective unconscious—he has a Jungian orientation)…

(4) Although all sorts of technological advancements have been the result of western culture, the ego has become overspecialized and like all overspecialized species, it will go extinct barring transformation

(5) Transformation is occurring and clients experiencing the ‘Borderland’ are the indicators.

Bernstein defines the Borderland as: ‘The psychic space where the hyper-developed and overly rational western ego is in the process of reconnecting with its split-off roots in nature.'”

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  1. So far, this seems to be an interesting group of articles. I’m not sure where this psychologist is going, however. As to the question,”Is it time to expand psychological theories,” beyond the material world only believing DSM “bible,” the answer is a resounding yes.

    Especially since the psychological and psychiatric DSM theorized “mental illnesses” have been declared to be “invalid,” “bullshit,” and iatrogenic illnesses created with the psychiatric drugs. By the leaders of the NIMH, the primary editors of the psychiatrists’ DSM “bible,” as well as other scientific journalists and psychopharmacology researchers.


    “Albert Einstein called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. He added that the rational mind was a faithful servant. It is paradoxical that in the context of modern life we have begun to worship the servant and defile the divine.”

    I agree, those of us who did actually bother to develop both the analytic and creative sides of our brain saw the insanity going on in this world long ago. We knew 9/11 would bring never ending wars, and that the wrong people were in charge long ago. And we know the systemic, Holy Spirit blaspheming behavior, by our “mental health professionals,” is actually satanic. Or in her words, “to worship the servant and defile the divine,” is satanic.

    “This ego has spawned all that we have come to associate with western civilization: the sciences and the technologies…” (p. 33) but is ‘readily trapped in its own mentalisms…tends to be addicted to power and materialism, and thus has also spawned modern warfare with the capacity to eliminate life as we know it’ (p. 34)…’the repression of the nonrational dimension because a defining characteristic, if not an obsession, of ego self-preservation” (p. 35)”

    This doesn’t really make any sense. But I hope this psychologist is trying to come to grips with the reality that her own profession’s ego, and worship of “the sciences and the technologies…” Or belief in the outright scientific fraud of the psychiatrists’ DSM “bible,” has led the field of psychology to be ignorant of, and even despise mentalism, or the theory that the development of the creative and interpretive side of the brain is important. Due to their addiction “to power and materialism, and thus has also spawned modern warfare with the capacity to eliminate life as we know it.” And the psychological industry’s “repression of the nonrational dimension,” including their outright Holy Spirit blaspheming, is destroying our world. Because “a defining characteristic, if not an obsession, of ego [is] self-preservation.” This represents classic, analytical side of the brain only using, behavior.

    “They were experiencing the transrational, what the western ego [based psychological DSM “bible” believers seek] to suppress, but according to the Jungian analysis breaks through via dreams and feelings.”

    Dreams, gut instinct, feelings and thoughts are NOT actually “psychosis,” requiring a lifetime of drugs, as our modern day DSM deluded psychologists believe. The Jungian theories are much closer to the truth.

    “Artistic, creative people typically maintain their relationship with the transrational, feeling out of step with the rest of society.” We don’t necessarily feel “out of step with the rest of society,” however it is a shame you psychologists and psychiatrists have bought out the religions and governments, with your systemic, child abuse and rape covering up crimes. And the majority of creators definitely don’t agree with the power hungry, money worshipping, war mongering, primarily child abuse and rape profiteering, defamatory, DSM “bible” believers.

    To the contrary, most of the truth seeking creators are now disgusted by the psychological industries’ money worshipping, war promotion, and systemic child abuse and rape covering up, crimes. Because these systemic DSM “bible” believers’ sins and crimes are destroying Western civilization.


    And we’d like to see an end to your ongoing, scientific fraud based, massive in societal scale, DSM “bible” based psychiatric/psychological industries’ modern day holocaust.


    The psych industry is unnecessarily killing 8 million innocent people a year, with their “invalid” DSM based theories, and their unneeded psychiatric drugs. And that amounts to a psychiatric/psychological holocaust of 400,000,000 innocent people over the past 50 years. Make it stop, you psychologists who bought into the psychiatrist’s DSM, are mass murderers, just like the psychiatrists of Nazi Germany.

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