George Floyd’s Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America


From Scientific American: “We also write to remind our physician colleagues that the medical field is a place ripe for gaslighting. Bolstered by the perceived strength and legitimacy of a white coat and a stethoscope, our diagnoses and conclusions—about physical or psychological “abnormalities,” about causes of illness and death—have the power to eclipse reality, as we’ve seen in the case of George Floyd. Often, we stand by while other agents co-opt our frameworks, obscure our research and weaponize our language in the service of oppression.”



  1. Good to see this group of physicians come forward to speak out against the twisting of information and miscarriages of justice in the health system. I noticed that 7 of these physicians (that appear to have consciences) are psychiatrists. Now if only they would get involved and vocal in speaking out about the many injustices, harm and inhumane loss of lives that psychiatry causes.

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