Dozens of ECT Patients Sue NHS Over Brain Damage Claims


From The Daily Mail: “Dozens of patients who underwent a highly controversial form of treatment for depression, which involves passing electrical currents through the head, are suing the NHS, claiming they suffered brain damage.

They say they were never informed that electroconvulsive therapy could result in permanent memory loss and facial recognition problems, as well as trouble with basic everyday tasks like walking and reading.

It comes after The Mail on Sunday last week told how Ministers were being urged to ban the procedure, because of a lack of evidence ECT works – and mounting evidence that it can cause harm.”

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  1. WoohOO!!!
    Yes and yes. We need a shitload of more lawsuits. We need lawyers to do it either out of sheer greed, principles, or human rights and dignity. Pick your passion, your reasons, but gutsy argumentative lawyers needed. Lawyers could make an empire out of this, most lucrative area for a lawyer. Besides, real estate is boring.

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