Mainstream Mental Health Services Are a Disaster


From Uncancelled: “Mental health services have become the mouthpieces of an industry of decontextualising and individualising hurt, fear, sadness, and anger, turning so many into the embodiment of the caricatures we label them with. The mental health industry creates and solidifies the mental disorders it claims to alleviate. It’s horribly sick. It misses people’s natural resilience in the face of all kinds of adversity, believing resilience is something you can teach rather than innate and waiting to be discovered. Instead it carves open chasms of vulnerability alongside patronising paternalism and sympathy.”

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  1. “We have no tests, no physical comparisons, and so are entirely reliant on observations and reports of that person and/or their significant other(s).”

    According to my medical records, the “mental health” workers I worked with actually ran off like manic lunatics to get their misinformation about people from pedophiles and child abusing pastors, who barely knew me (NOT “significant” others). Of course, that was illegal.

    “The mental health industry creates and solidifies the mental disorders it claims to alleviate. It’s horribly sick.” Wow, a psychiatrist who actually confesses to the truth. The iatrogenic harm they are doing is sick. “8 million” innocent people murdered every year!

    That’s more than a Nazi psychiatric holocaust, every single year.

    “The current dominant ‘diagnosis followed by specific treatment model’ we use is finished. It’s a busted flush, long past its ‘use by’ date. Whether it takes five, 10, or 50 years, there is no rescuing this ideology. It’s horrendous record. And it will not last.”

    I pray to God Sami is right. Since I eventually learned that the primary actual societal function of the “mental health” industries is covering up child abuse, which is illegal. But this is by DSM design. And when an industry systemically covers up child abuse, it is also an industry that systemically aids, abets, and empowers pedophiles, which is also illegal.