St. Elizabeths Has Increased Usage of Restraints on Patients, Report Says


From The Washington Post: “One woman with a history of trauma and sexual abuse was ‘repeatedly secluded and restrained’ in 2019 and 2020 in violation of hospital policy that prohibits those tactics from being used on people with such histories, according to the report. The interventions came after the nonprofit reported concerns about the woman’s treatment last year, the report said.

In February, video of one incident showed ‘a disturbing scene where seven staff, five of whom were men, converged on her while she was quietly sitting on a mat in the seclusion room’ before a male nurse pulled down her pants and injected her in the buttocks, according to the report.

The report also said the Department of Behavioral Health’s investigation of the incident, which has not been publicly released, showed that staff members had falsified reports related to the incident and that the nurse who injected the patient had his Maryland nursing license suspended in 2012 for abusing a psychiatric patient there.”

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    • “It’s not too late. Add a muzzle. If the patient doesn’t cooperate, deploy a cattle prod.”

      I picked this comment out to show how easily the management are identified lol. Your right markps2 the comments do show a bias of “it’s a tough job, what do you expect me to do?” attitude. I had a friend many years ago (an ex psych nurse) who told me about an ex prisoner from one of the camps in Germany who they would throw into the showers and pretend they were going to gas him. I was shocked at the time and thought surely he was joking, though with what I know now, and what I know about the ‘protections’ afforded by the law, I think he may have been serious. Escape the likes of Mengele to be treated like that in Scotland?

      And what’s with the Legionella in the water supply?

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