Are Critics of Psychiatry Stranded in a ‘Jurassic World?’


From Mad in the UK: “In times past, the standard rebuttal to those who highlighted the lack of evidence for biomedically caused ‘mental disorders’ was some version of ‘yes, but we will obviously find evidence of this causation eventually’ which affirmed the approach but denied that there was a problem. It is increasingly common in current times, however, for critics to be dismissed on the grounds that psychiatry is not, as it apparently turns out, committed to biomedical causation/explanation after all. This is often accompanied by suggestions that such critics have not understood what psychiatry — and indeed medicine at large — actually does, and/or that psychiatric theory has evolved philosophically from its biomedical days and the conceptual naivety of the past has matured.”

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  1. Absolutely. Psychiatry is about social control and behavioral management, sweeping family and societal problems under the rug, protecting institutions, etc.

    So anyone who thinks they’re real doctors trying to treat illnesses are stuck in the past for sure.

    wink wink … sigh

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  2. ugh. psychiatry is the same, perhaps just sneakier, and there’s more and more of it in today’s epidemic of psychiatry.

    critics of psychiatry are always criticized (at the very least), often punished, because psychiatry is an enforcement arm for society, above all else. the power vested in the hacks and their ideology is immense, and victims and dissidents are silenced and demonized.

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